Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Coming of the Rending Pony

OK. Here it is.
After a series of clicking random links on the From the Warp, I ended up on this wonderful post.

The Rending Pony

So naturally after stumbling upon this, I just had to have one.

I've gone and ordered the most important member of the Fellowship of the Ring from my FLGS, so I'll start on converting it once it comes in. Might I add, this is going to be my cheapest Apocalypse unit so far. [Massive savings!]

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My First Apocalypse Game.

Apocalypse, 14,000 points per team, Marines VS Orks.
[Prepare for a wall of text] [Bold to speed-read]
Two tables joined by two bridges (one center, and one on the far right side).
Everything is deployed, shy for a spare Tactical Squad in a Rhino destined for greatness, I decide to hid it behind a rock, it is the closest thing to the far bridge.