Thursday, 26 January 2012

My First Apocalypse Game.

Apocalypse, 14,000 points per team, Marines VS Orks.
[Prepare for a wall of text] [Bold to speed-read]
Two tables joined by two bridges (one center, and one on the far right side).
Everything is deployed, shy for a spare Tactical Squad in a Rhino destined for greatness, I decide to hid it behind a rock, it is the closest thing to the far bridge.

The Ork team successfully avoided the majority of our massive gun line (missiles were so close!), the Ork team piled their 8 vehicles onto the far bridge, being lead by the mammoth Skullhamma. With this massive threat approaching, and with the inability to cripple it before they have time to unload the horde, all seemed lost for the Marines.

Just then, the Marine players, all in unison, shouted "THE RHINO!". This new-found hope was just the thing that the Marine players needed, a distraction. With great haste, the controlling player (myself) flew to the Rhino, tape in hand, and he moved the beast the full 12", the perfect amount to land it just in the path of the mighty Skullhamma, preventing it's advance. The Rhino popped it's smoke launchers.

The Ork General laughed "What is a rhino compared to the mighty Skullhamma? I'll blow it out of the way. No problem". He was soon going to eat those words.

He attempted to tank shock the vehicle, but to no avail. He then attempted to gun the Rhino down, but every shot seemed to miss the now smoke-covered vehicle. With a little luck ,and some heavy cheese, the Orks managed to strike a critical blow to the Rhino, causing it to explode! The Tactical Squad inside survived the initial explosion, but not the impending volley of fire from the shootas. Only the Powerfist-clad Sergeant survived the onslaught.

The Marines that were oh-so-close to being over-run by the Ork horde now had to contend with an additional Skullhamma of the sneakin' variety from the opposite side. The now lone Sergeant had to put the needs of the many before the needs of the few, or the one, and decided that if he was going to die, he would do it in the name of the Emperor!

This champion of the Imperium charged valiantly straight into the mouth of the beast. The Ork General laughed once more "Even if you hit, there is no way that you could possibly damage it in any way". I then made the most important and rewarding dice rolls of my gaming carrier.

Five (yes, you read that correctly) glorious and consecutive 6's were launched from my hands, with each dice, a little piece of Ork General died inside. The final result was that the Skullhamma was going nuclear!

The Skullhamma rolled maximum explosion size, and with that, the Skullhamma, and all of the Ork vehicles which were previously sheltered by it's mass, were now gone, atomized in an instant. Although the Marines lost due to the game being objective based, the Ork forces were nearly depleted. I believe that constituted a moral victory.

That was the single best game of 40k that I have ever played.

~Sorry for the lack of pictures, none of us thought to bring a camera.
~Do you guys have any cool stories?

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