Saturday, 3 December 2011

How to: Cork-board Basing Part 1

This one's going to picture heavy....

You can use this guide to make:
  • Rocks Floating in Lava
  • Mountainous Terrain
  • Shattered ground
  • Swap-lands
  • Icebergs

Tools/Supplies Needed:
  • A Base
  • Hobby/Craft Knife
  • PVA Glue
  • Cork-board
  • Additional Basing Supplies (Optional!)
Step One: Scoring the Base.

Base of choice.
Lightly cut several lines into the base.....
.....Until it looks something like this.
Step Two: Dealing with Cork.
Square foot of cork-board.
[Thickness by preference.]

Break off a piece of the sheet.
[It is important to note that; depending on the result you are going for, you may, or may not, want to be precise with your cuts, for this example, we aren't going to worry about it.]
Break off a piece roughly the size of your base.
That looks good.
Break the chunk down into pieces that you think look good.
Dry-fit the pieces on the base before gluing to find the look that you want.
 Step Three: Gluing Time!
As long as it isn't too runny, you can dab the glue straight onto the base.
You don't need to cover the entire base with glue unless you plan on doing it the same way that I did.
[I put just slightly more glue then I needed in the above picture.]

Step Four: This is Optional.
Grab some of your preferred material.
["Counts As" gravel in this case.]
Fill the gaps of the base with your preferred material.
[Some people prefer to do the "pinch'n'sprinkle" technique.]
[I'm a fan of the "throw-the-whole-thing-into-the-tub" technique.

Step Five: Done.
And now it's ready for priming.
And there it is.
I hope this guide helps!

~If you end up using this guide, send me a picture! I love seeing other peoples work.
~Know how to do it better? Post it in the comments.
~Painted in part 2.

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