Monday, 5 September 2011

Challenger Approaching!

We here at 3+ FTW can now officially call ourselves "we".
Some of you may have noticed that we have another contributor.
Like me he is new to blogging, so without any further adieu let me introduce DeathSpawn54!

Oh, by simply saying the name you don't know who he is? Well maybe this will help:
Still no? Well in that case, lets do a little Q&A.

CaterpillarHomicide: So, what got you into the hobby?
Deathspawn: I started wargaming when I went into the local store to pick up some D&D books and got a look at all the models and people painting and then I was asked if I wanted to try and stuff, so I brought in some hero quest models and we painted them, so I bought some goblins and then I got the battle for skull pass and from there I have been hooked.
CH: What is your favorite game system?
DS: I don't really know my favorite game system, lately its Warhammer 40k but I like a lot of systems, they pretty well are all fun but my top three are 40k, Fantasy and Warmachine/Hordes.
CH: Do you have a favorite model line?
DS: I fancy the metal models of just about any line, I find metal figures the easiest and funnest to paint.
CH: What is your favorite army out of the game systems that you play?
DS: My favorite army is Chaos Space Marines. It is mainly Nurgle because the conversions that you can pull off without it not making sense are endless.
Sorry about the quality guys, I couldn't find my camera.
 CH: Are there any projects that you are currently working on?
DS: Right now I'm working on Dwarf Engineers, they are mostly all metal so I love it. I just finished one 3 seconds ago I'm now waiting for the wash to dry.

CH: It is now the part where you can ask me any question you want. 
DS: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
CH: Seriously?
DS: Nah, my real question is why do you like wargaming and modeling? What is it about the whole process that speaks to you?
CH: Can I go with the woodchuck one instead?
I find it's an overall great time sink, I love the hobby, the ability to craft something with your own hands, customize it to your exact likings then paint it however you want, then getting to see it blow away your friends models is just fantastic.

Just something to tide you over until tomorrow.

CH: Are you looking forward to blogging about your upcoming adventures in the wargaming world? 
DS: Yes, it seems like it will be fun.

CaterpillarHomicide: Ok. Last question. Is there anything you would like to say to the viewers at home? 
Deathspawn: Geronimo.

~Well folks there you have it! Deathspawn is now a part of the 3+ FTW team.
And now that we have Deathspawn we will now have content on Mondays in addition to Tuesday and Saturday.
Don't be afraid to post in the comments.

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