Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What I'm working on as of late

Hey guys, and girls of the world, or where ever it is your reading this from :P this is just some of the stuff I have been and am working on right now.
This is my almost finished rhino for my plague marines.

The paint job on this got it the name pop tart mobile, don't ask.. my friends are silly
These are my last two terminators making my unit a full 10 :D

This is where i put a beard on this guy,these terminators are my first time using greenstuff

This is after

This was originally a Abaddon body, my friend converted it and then i converted it again into a makeshift Typhus, soon after i ended up getting a Typhus so i just made this guy my terminator champion

This is one of the Dwarf engineers i just finished :D

This is the other one, there is still one i havn't even primed yet

I just painted this guy last night

Here is a back view, he is my Hammerers champion

This is my first attempt at painting my possessed, he isn't even close to done yet

This is some detail work from the Rhino, my friend painted this Rhino up and converted most of it, I did some but he was just amazing at it, i think I'm going to have him do all my Rhinos

There you have it guys, That's the latest, not the Greatest, but its what i have been working on as of late, my next post will show my two finished terminators hopefully and then what ever else i do sorry that this is a day late i couldnt find the cord for my camera

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