Monday, 5 September 2011

My first time

Hey everyone, my friend asked if I wanted to blog about my wargaming and I said why not? So here's my first go.

I guess I'll start by showing you my dwarf army for Warhammer Fantasy seeing as this is what I'm working on at the moment. I also have a Cygnar army for Warmachine and a Nurgle army for Warhammer 40k, although it is turning into a Chaos Undecided :P, to many models :D  Again, sorry! My room is a big mess and I just can't remember where my camera is!
These are some Quarrellers someThunderers,
and then some more Quarrellers
This is the artillery i have 2 home made bolt throwers,
4 organ guns, 3 cannons, and a gyro copter 
 Here are some warriors with 2 handed weapons and sheilds
On the left are some longbeards,
and on the right are some warriors with shields and hand weapons
These here are my hammerers, i originally only had 10,
but my friend gave me his army and i got a whole lot more
These are what i use for iron breakers, they are really just a bunch
of random metal minatures put together but the majority look like iron breakers
These are my slayers also from my friends army, he did an amazing job!
Close up shot, you cant really see it but they have tatoo's
Now this next picture is of my miners they are my biggest and 
most random unit, my friend (different from the one with the army)
and I paint these guys together, and my friend has some weird
ideas in his head :P. There is a Ronald McDonald and a rainbow beard,
all sorts of weird things :P.
Rainbow beard
I am really sorry for the bad quality I'll work on that, but I hope you like it none the less, I think if I have time I'll show you my Chaos Space Marines some time this week if I get the chance after College starts, hope to hear some feed back so don't forget to comment :D.  If you want to contact me directly you can always email me at I might not reply right away but I assure you at some point I will respond.

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